Sunday, September 9, 2012

To Vegan or not to Vegan, that is the question...

Howdy all! I have been away for a bit just enjoying summer, running after 4 kids and suffering through plain old laziness!!  This blog is titled the way it is because about a month ago I watched a documentary called "Forks over Knives" and really began to reconsider my consumption of animal products.  Now, first I thought, how can I possibly be a vegan and be a foodie?  Do I really want to give up the likes of deep fried butter, chocolate covered bacon and ridiculous hamburger concoctions?  NO!!  But on the other hand, do I want to feel better, treat my body well and be as physically fit as possible?  YES!!  So I came up with an 80/20 solution where 80% of my diet would be plant based whole foods and 20% would be whatever "ridiculousness" I wanted to take a part of.  So far so good. I have had a great time experimenting with vegan recipes, I feel better, I have begun to work out and just treasure my time in the gym and whenever I am so moved, I try things like Burger King's Bacon Sundae. I shared the sundae with my kids and they really liked it.  So below, I will show you some of the things I have tried and since I'm a bit late posting I will post the recipe by request only but going forward I will include recipes again.  Both the good and the "bad." 

Breakfast Burrito made with tofu "eggs" and black beans, tomato, avocado and jalapenos.  Kid Approved!
Chinese Spicy Soup with bok choy, silken tofu and three types of mushrooms, enoki, wood ear and baby portabella.  This was so delicious.  Kid Approved!!

Quinoa cooked with almond milk and topped with berries, bananas, slivered almonds and cinnamon.

Kale, pineapple, banana, chia seeds and orange juice and cucumber smoothie. Needed to blend it a little more in the Ninja but I'm looking forward to getting my Nutribullet that claims to be able to handle that!

A quickie lunch...brown rice with beans, spicy cabbage, avocado, tomato and pineapple for dessert.  And I got to use my tv dinner plate!

Vegan Mac N far my first fail!! It looked fantastic, it smelled good but the taste was meh!!  I think I'll stick with the real thing on this.

Oatmeal, Banana, Almond Milk Smoothie.

"Chicken" Fried Rice...this was sooooo good! The key is using the right spices. Onion, garlic, soy sauce are key.

And last but not least Burger King's Bacon Sundae...I know, I know just go ahead and smack me now but boy it was a great treat.  Worth every spoonful! Genius!