Thursday, January 21, 2016

Continued Adventures in Life and Food

An update and my food gallery...

Hi all!  It's time to get back to blogging and now that I've joined the planner community, it is something that I will be adding into my weekly planner to stay consistent.  Last year was quite an adventure.  We had an up and down season in our business, we wanted/needed to move from our home in Maryland and we were just so ready for change and had been for awhile.  We prayed about and begin to make trips to Charlotte, NC and through many trips and many house tours we moved into our new home in July of 2015.  I'm still homeschooling my four kiddos and still baking, cooking and feeding my obsession with all things food. My newest food craze is watching the miniature food cooking videos on YouTube. Have you seen them?  Makes me want to build a mini kitchen and cook tiny food for a living. Ha! I'm also looking forward to posting some of the awesome recipes that I've created and just experimented with as well.  So for now, as to not overwhelm you, I will post a gallery of highlights from 2015!  Enjoy! Please leave me any comments or questions and I'll be sure to answer quickly.  And you can click on subscribe by email just to the top right and you'll never miss a post.  Thanks again for your support!

My Happy Planner! This will keep me on track with my planning!


Our family now loves to hike!

My teens!
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