Monday, February 17, 2014

Forget Wonder Bread, Make Your Own Sandwich Bread

     What do you when you've been snowed in for days, your driveway needs a fleet of at least 8 to shovel and you run out of sandwich bread in a house full of kids?  You go online, find a recipe and make it yourself!  I found this wonderful recipe after a Google search and after reading the instructions and comments.  This seemed to be the recipe I was looking for (link on bottom of page).  It was easy, it was pretty fool proof and with a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer, it was even easier.  The instructions for hand kneading are also included.  This recipe has a total of six ingredients; water, sugar, yeast, AP flour, salt and butter. If you take a look at your grocery store bought bread you will see 4 times that amount of ingredients.  This recipe makes two 1 pound loafs, is easy to slice after it is completely cooled, and tastes great!  The pictures below show what a beauty this bread is and it's really worth a try!

Top Left, after an hour in the bread pans they were ready to go in the oven.  Top Right, the loaves fresh out of the oven. Bottom left, the loaves must sit for 5 minutes and then you turn them out on the cooling rack.  Do not slice while still warm unless you are really desperate but you will smoosh the bread.  Bottom right, a close up of the bread beauty.

I know, not the best picture, but this is what the first loaf looked like after slicing. I used a serrated knife but I really need a real deal bread knife. Saw back and forth when cutting, do not press down.  Looks good, right?!

Ingredients in Wonder Bread...

Woke up this morning and made two more loaves. My family of six almost finished both loaves.  If you have bread loaf bags from the grocery store, save them and use them to store this bread in after you slice it. Not my brilliant idea. Got it from the original recipe post.  Go ahead and click on it and free yourself from store bought bread. You know you want to.

 Sliced with a steady hand!  And the 2nd loaf was easier after being in the refrigerator overnight.  And the picture below is a ham sandwich I split with my hubby.  Note to more ham!

Just in case you missed it!