Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maple Banana Nutella Pancakes and Iced Coffee

Pancakes worth every bite...

Today I woke up inspired by a giant box of Bisquick mix that a friend gave me, some overripe bananas and a craving for some Nutella. And so the natural thing is to combine these things and come up with a yummy breakfast that everyone could enjoy.  This recipe could really impress your family because the pancakes, although semi-homemade, were fluffy and light with a wonderful hint of banana and maple and who doesn't love Nutella?  I accompanied this meal with a wonderful mocha iced coffee with the last bit of my cold brewed coffee concentrate and my dream cream.  Enjoy.

Delightfully Delicious Maple Banana Nutella Pancakes

2 cups of Bisquick Mix
2 large eggs
1 Cup Milk
1/2 tsp of Maple Extract
1 smashed up overripe medium sized banana
Nutella(you determine the amount)
Maple Syrup to serve

Combine 2 cups of Bisquick Mix, 2 large eggs and 1 cup of milk into bowl

Take one overripe banana and smash with a fork and gently fold into pancake batter

Add 1/2 tsp of Maple extract and mix in (I hang my head in shame because I'm using imitation).

Let your batter rest for 5 minutes and place Nutella into "plunger" or you can use a Ziploc bag with the tip cut off and use like a pastry bag.  You will use this to add your Nutella on your pancakes as they cook or you can just spread your Nutella on your pancake when it's done to save a step and some time.  I had to do this with mine because I was busy talking to my girls about arguing over the computer and I forgot to put the Nutella in the first two pancakes.

Butter your skillet let it get hot and add a ladle full of pancake batter

Take your plunger or Nutella filled pastry bag and add as little or as much Nutella as you would like.

I put an "S" for my daughter Sydney.  Look at that creamy Nutella...mmmm!!

Drizzle with Maple Syrup (I used 100% pure Maple Syrup, no imitation)!  The Nutella got just a tad crispy on the outside but still hot and gooey on the inside. I would just swirl it all over if I were you or just add little drops of it like chocolate chips.  If you add a lot of Nutella just eat one instead of two, your waistline will thank you.  This recipe made about 10 pancakes.  I didn't tell my kids that I put banana in it and my picky Sydney noted about halfway through finishing her first one that she tasted banana, I just smirked and said, "you like it, right?"  She liked it!

 My Homemade and Cheaper than Starbucks Mocha Iced Coffee

Here I have my coffee concentrate that I made using the Toddy Cold Brew System that I purchased at Williams-Sonoma for $34.99.  I love the cold brewing because the coffee is milder and takes out about 67% of the acidity compared to hot water brewing.  I also have my dream cream which is 1 (14 oz) can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 (12oz) can of evaporated milk along with 1/4 cup of half and half.  And in honor of Starbucks, I partake of this deliciousness in my Starbucks cup half filled with ice.

I use about equal parts coffee concentrate and dream cream and then add just a splash of low fat milk.  I don't know why I do that, I just do.  And since the concentrate is a much stronger flavor you may also choose to a little cold water to dilute it to your liking.

Add a drizzle or more of chocolate syrup and stir, stir, stir!!

The Perfect Color!

I think this will be enough caffeine to get me through laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping and packing for my trip tomorrow.

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  1. Had them for breakfast - Four thumbs up! - CP