Monday, June 4, 2012

My Darling Ballerinas...beware, proud mama ahead!!

The Apples of my eye...(I had to use some kind of food reference).

  Today's blog entry has absolutely nothing to do with food you eat but with what I will refer to as soul food because looking back at these pictures, truly filled my soul with gladness.  After a trip to the library to do some school work today, we decided to hang out on the AstroTurf lawn out front, enjoy the "Interactive Fountain" and grab some lunch.  At some point my daughter pulled out her Nintendo DSi and began taking pics of her sister doing some ballet moves and trying to capture the perfect picture at just the right time and eventually recruiting me to try to get "the shot" with my iphone.  

  After dozens of leaps and many photo misses, I am posting a few of the best of the bunch but not before I note that as I posted them on facebook, I felt so proud and my heart was just full.  These are my 'babies' and I just love them. So kind, so beautiful, so caring, so strong, so determined and they are my 'little' gifts.  I truly have so much fun with them as we share new experiences together, laugh, joke and just enjoy each others company.  Perfect they are not, but they are my gifts from God to nurture and bring up in a way that pleases Him.  Girls of character who don't have to be the smartest, prettiest, richest, most fashionable or most talented; my desire is that they be kind, loving, respectful, generous, unselfish, polite and beautiful from the inside first and the rest will follow.  I present to you, two precious gifts.

This was the one I got with my iphone after many fails. She was a trooper and kept at it while her slow mama got the shot.

Another shot taken with the Nintendo DSi

Nintendo Shot...notice the ladies in the background looking like, what the?

Recreating Alvin Ailey's "Revelations" that they practiced at home.

More Alvin Ailey...

Daughter 2 who insist I tell you that she could have jumped higher but her denim shorts were too tight. LOL!!

Daughter 2...beautiful!

Daughter 1...fell a few times but took it all in stride.
There you have it, a few moments from our day of laughing, loving and leaping!

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