Monday, March 11, 2013

"The Kimchi Chronicles" Part 2 Bindaetteok "Mung Bean Pancakes"

Mung Bean Goodness!

The one drawback to the PBS program "The Kimchi Chronicles," is that you have to watch it and write down the recipes or buy the book.  Well, I don't need another cookbook just yet, so I wrote down what she did and also went to my youtube reliable Maangchi at because she is the da bomb dot com!  Here is another favorite, mungbean pancakes also called Bindaetteok!  In the KC episode on beans they are at an open market eating a mungbean pancake the size of a dinner plate. It looked absolutely amazing and I will continue to tweak this recipe until I think it taste as good as it looked on TV.

The final product!
Soak Mung Beans overnight in fridge and drained before blending.

After blending with added spices, add veggies! I used fern(gosari), kimchi and green onions.  I added some sliced jalapenos on mine because I like it spicy.

Fry it up in a pan, brown on each side!


These flew off the plate! Delicious!
"For the batter soak 2 cups mung beans, 1/2 cup rice over night. Drain saving the water from the beans. Blend mung beans, rice, 2 teaspoons salt and 1 1/2 cups water blend until almost smooth.
Add veggies and if you want meat. Add the batter to a hot pan with oil. Then fry until crispy on each side."  Maangchi

Here's the video link because it's always better to see it demonstrated

Here is a link from The Kimchi Chronicles called Mrs Rhee's Bindaetteok

You can pick and choose to add or not add what you do and don't like between the two. I like the idea of the fish sauce instead of salt and a little soy sauce. Mrs. Rhee's has a great dipping sauce and sliced raw onions were a must for my family.  They added a little something special to the pancakes!


  1. Angela, I have green mung beans - do I have the wrong kind? Yours look to be yellow in your photo. I would love to try these, but I have never liked the smell of kimchee, LOL!

    1. Yes, you should use the split mung beans and they are yellow as pictured. In the market that I shop in they had the green mung beans loose in a bin and then I went over to where the dry bagged beans are in the bean aisle and found the split yellow ones. If you don't want the kimchi you can just substitute any veggie of your choice and just use water instead of the kimchi juice. Maybe add a little hot pepper paste into the water to get the touch of spiciness you would get from the kimchi juice. I love kimchi but the smell can get to me too and that's why I store it in the fridge in the garage! LOL! PLease let me know how yours turns out and what veggies you used. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! God bless.